Current Tenants / Anja Jagsch

Artist statement

I love to travel – which is how I came to live in Adelaide – touring around the continent many miles from my home in Europe. Being on the move is still one of my greatest sources of inspiration and is reflected by the many materials and techniques I use in my work.


I let myself be guided by the materials I find. An emotion or idea expresses itself through previously acquired and newly learned skills. The accidental might play a role but also my view on things and their multiple facets. I like to break things down to their basics, enabling me to reconstruct and comprehend. To be immersed in my topic is essential to my work. Every day life and the body are central to my practice. Jewellery to me is a means to connect.


Biographical Statement 

Anja completed a bachelor degree in Ecotrophology (household economics and nutrition) in 1993 and the Bachelor of Applied Arts and Design at Tafe, O'Halloran Hill Campus in 2008. She has since travelled Australia for six years, working in agriculture and enjoying digging for gems and collecting. She appreciates the space and input she receives at Gray Street very much. On her first day Catherine welcomed her 'home to your home away from home' – and it has become a very special place for her since.


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Two Part Earrings 2017 by Anja Jagsch

Two Part Earrings  2017

Copper, enamel, Sterling silver 925

Approximately 40mm length

Poppy Earrings 2016 by Anja Jagsch

Poppy Earrings  2016

925 Sterling silver

Approximately 25m length

Memory 2016 by Anja Jagsch

Memory  2016

Copper, enamel

200mm circumference