Current Tenants / Laurence Coffrant

Artist Statement

For as long as I can remember, I have been interested in the deconstruction and construction of materials. This approach to making, is an integral part of my practice. I enjoy adapting traditional textile techniques and applying them to wearable works. I am particularly drawn towards using materials that play with colour and light. I think that this play with light is important, as it gives the pieces their own sense of energy, and shows how they engage with space and the person wearing them.


Biographical Statement

Laurence completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts at the University of South Australia in 2014 and continued on to become a teachers assistant in the University's Jewellery & Metal Department. She is a member of The Chopped Collective, which consists of several local textile artist. The sole mission of the group, is to generate recognition for textiles, as a contemprary form of art. Coffrant is currently a tenant at Gray Street Workshop, from where she will continue to exhibit locally and natoinally.







Untitled (ring) 2016 by Laurence Coffrant

Untitled (ring)  2016

Pyrite and Sterling Silver

20mm x 17mm x 18mm

Moments in transition 2016 by Laurence Coffrant

Moments in transition  2016

resin, crochet and titanium

ID: 67mm, OD: 92mm, width: 25mm

Embrace (neckpiece) 2016 by Laurence Coffrant

Embrace (neckpiece)  2016

silver plated copper tubing, crochet and titanium

170mmx 15mm x 30mm