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Artist Statement


Catherine Truman is medium agnostic. Although she is enduringly fond of intricately carving English lime wood, her oeuvre extends into contemporary jewellery, objects, performance, chorography, public sculpture, installation, photography & moving image. She is a holistic maker - acutely aware of her process, while continually evolving her inquiry. Truman’s curiosity takes her & her makings into the sensate & anatomically unfamiliar – probing thresholds of human ‘being’.’

Melinda Rackham 2015

My practise is diverse – I work across the disciplines of art and science. During a recent residency in the Microscopy suite at Flinders University I learnt that microscopes are highly specialised instruments that augment our sight in miraculous ways. I also learned that a vast amount of the living world remains invisible to us. There are profound gaps in our knowledge based on what we can and cannot see.

Artists and scientists have much in common. We are both driven by constant inquiry. Both act upon the unknown. We are curious beings led by sight and we confirm by's what makes us human. How else could we understand anything outside of ourselves?

The ways we satiate this curiosity through our hands; through art and science drive my practice.

Catherine Truman 2015 



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Sensate Glove 2014 by Catherine Truman

Sensate Glove  2014

Catherine Truman

Digital Image

Sensate Glove 2014

Digital Image from The Microscope project

Flinders  University Art Museum, City Gallery