Current Tenants / Jess Dare / Conceptual flowering plant series

Artist Statement

As a jeweller I have always been drawn to the miniature, it’s how I view the world, in small minute details.  For me, this intimate scale draws people into my sense of wonder, whilst the gigantic thrusts a world upon the viewer. I also use this scale to accentuate the sense of intrigue and awe that I get from the natural world.

My current work draws parallels between the different ways that throughout history people have attempted to preserve flowers by means of illustration, photography, flower pressing, specimen collection and botanical models.  Another powerful influence has been the extraordinary works of Leopold and Rudolf Blaschka- particularly the highly realistic collection of glass plant models created by for Harvard University between 1887 to 1936.

 Whenever I see a beautiful flower I feel an overwhelming and instinctive desire to preserve it forever. But flowers are living things too – they bloom and then wither away and are, a constant reminder of the transience of life itself. The sharpness of memories are rounded off by time; the colours fade and details are lost. Even the prickliest of memories lose their sharpness in time. This idea of deterioration is most evident when trying to capture, preserve, study and admire a fleeting moment of a flower in full bloom. Something is always lost or compromised- the smell, softness, detail, the dimension or colour.

This collection express my  fascination with this universal human need to hold on and preserve memories and moments in time.


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Conceptual flowering plant series 2013 by Jess Dare

Conceptual flowering plant series  2013

Jess Dare

Lampwork Glass

Photography by Grant Hancock