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I have a professional jewellery practice that spans a period of thirty years and since graduating in 1979, with a Diploma of Art and Design from PIT (now known as LaTrobe University) Victoria, Australia, I have maintained a vibrant exhibition practice and made a significant contribution to the cultural sector. In 1985, with Anne Brennan and Catherine Truman I helped establish Gray Street Workshop, for a nine-year period, from 1999 to 2008 I held the position of Creative Director of the Metal Design Studio, JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Adelaide and from 2007 to 2009 I was the chair of the 13th National JMGA Inside/Out conference committee. I have conducted workshops and contributed to conferences in Australia and overseas, most recently a four-day workshop at the Chaoyang University of Technology Taiwan, titled Design Lab - design development for the jewellers and metalsmiths and accompanying conference paper titled Art, craft and design - surviving in a modern world at National Taiwan Craft Research Institute. Currently I hold the position of Arts Development Officer, in the South Australian Government's Arts SA, Public Art and Design unit.

My exhibition practice is founded on a conceptual and researched base methodology. At present I am exploring the notions of collections and collecting, drawing inspiration from natural history and museum displays. I am working predominantly with mild steel and find the weight, strength, density and heat coloured black of the material very appealing.


Sue Lorraine October 2010



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Stick Insects 2009 by Sue Lorraine

Stick Insects  2009

Sue Lorraine

Brooches: Cuisenaire rods and heat coloured mild steel

Average Dimensions 70 x 100 x 95mm