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I have a professional jewellery practice that spans a period of thirty years and since graduating in 1979, with a Diploma of Art and Design from PIT (now known as LaTrobe University) Victoria, Australia, I have maintained a vibrant exhibition practice and made a significant contribution to the cultural sector. In 1985, with Anne Brennan and Catherine Truman I helped establish Gray Street Workshop, for a nine-year period, from 1999 to 2008 I held the position of Creative Director of the Metal Design Studio, JamFactory Contemporary Craft and Design, Adelaide and from 2007 to 2009 I was the chair of the 13th National JMGA Inside/Out conference committee. I have conducted workshops and contributed to conferences in Australia and overseas, most recently a four-day workshop at the Chaoyang University of Technology Taiwan, titled Design Lab - design development for the jewellers and metalsmiths and accompanying conference paper titled Art, craft and design - surviving in a modern world at National Taiwan Craft Research Institute. Currently I hold the position of Arts Development Officer, in the South Australian Government's Arts SA, Public Art and Design unit.

My exhibition practice is founded on a conceptual and researched base methodology. At present I am exploring the notions of collections and collecting, drawing inspiration from natural history and museum displays. I am working predominantly with mild steel and find the weight, strength, density and heat coloured black of the material very appealing.


Sue Lorraine October 2010



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Cuisenaire trees, odd, even and Fibonacci 2013 by Sue Lorraine

Cuisenaire trees, odd, even and Fibonacci  2013

Sue Lorraine

Heat coloured mild steel, Cuisenaire rods, wooden bases


Photography by Grant Hancock