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02.03.2012 to 29.04.2012

An exhibition of old and new work by Sue Lorraine. A cabinet of curious objects and jewellery based upon notions of collecting and collections.

Stick Insects 2009 by Sue Lorraine

Stick Insects  2009

Sue Lorraine

Brooches: Cuisenaire rods and heat coloured mild steel

Average Dimensions 70 x 100 x 95mm

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Fly Strings 2008 by Sue Lorraine

Fly Strings  2008

Sue Lorraine

Necklaces: heat coloured mild steel, waxed lined thread

Average Length 300mm

Petal Brooches 2000 by Sue Lorraine

Petal Brooches  2000

Sue Lorraine

Heat coloured mild steel

Average Dimensions 20 x 50 x 50mm