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24.11.2016 to 24.12.2016

Lost in Thought
by Alison Jackson
Gray Street Workshop Gallery 24 November – 24 December 2016
Come and see Soot Foot and Thimble Tube, admire the skill in Long Drop or just enjoy the company of Big Trousers and his friend Little Trousers.

Lost in Thought is an exhibition of animated objects and domestic utensils by Canberra based silversmith Alison Jackson.

Vessels with personality, cutlery with character, vivacious, quirky, shy, and showy objects to talk to, to talk about and to cherish.

The culmination of months of pondering, dreaming, drawing and then hammering, raising and soldering sheet metal Lost in Thought is and exhibition full of surprises, skill and theatrical flare.

Alison Jackson is an accomplished silversmith her works are technically adept, refined and visually playful.

She is a recent recipient of an Australia Council project grant, winner of the Homewares category Australian Craft Awards and a finalist in Launch Pad 2014. Alison is represented in the public collection of the Canberra Museum and Gallery in the ACT.

This is an exhibition not to be missed by a young artist gaining national and international recognition and accolades.

This years put something unique, handmade and absolutely exquisite in the Christmas stocking, buy something special for that special friend, take home some Little Trousers.