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12.06.2014 to 13.07.2014

In conjunction with Leah's exhibition she is also giving an artist talk on Saturday 12th July 2014.

A not to be missed opportunity to hear artist and contemporary jeweller Leah Hardy talk about her passions, practice and observations on the big questions - Art and Life.


Leah Hardy’s talk coincides with her current exhibition,
Specimen: upon closer inspection at Gray Street Workshop Gallery; a collection of insect inspired miniatures, fragmented, altered and mechanically enhanced, creations the artist describes as metaphors for the human condition.

Leah Hardy is Professor of Art, University of Wyoming.


Saturday 12 July @ 2 pm
Gray Street Workshop
10 Sydney Place Adelaide

Please RSVP to



Image: effort in understanding - cast bronze, fabricated copper & brass, patina & prismacolour.
Photo Grant Hancock

vita mutatio: life altered, Cast bronze, patina, prismacolor, brass, micro hardware, Photography: Grant Hancock

Flora + Fauna Hybrid Series: Brooches, cast bronze, patina, prismacolor, Photography: Grant Hancock