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05.03.2015 to 29.03.2015

Theatre of Detail is an exhibition of compelling new work by current partners Jess Dare, Sue Lorraine and Catherine Truman.

"As the lights dim and the curtains rise on Theatre of Detail, we applaud the fertility and longevity of Gray St Workshop. Join in as this eminent artist-run institute collectively celebrate their devotion to practice, magnificence of method and eloquence of expression." - Melinda Rackham


Above: Images of the installation at Gray Street Workshop.


Above:Theatre of Detail at Airspace Projects, Sydney during the JMGA Conference.


Above:Theatre of Detail at Funaki Project Space for Radiant Pavilion, September 2015.

3.	In Preparation for Seeing: Cell Culture Glove 2015 by Catherine Truman

3. In Preparation for Seeing: Cell Culture Glove  2015

Catherine Truman

white cotton glove, glass, steel, light pad

Dimensions variable

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Elementary Phuang Malai 2015 by Jess Dare

Elementary Phuang Malai  2015

Jess Dare

Powder coated brass and copper, cotton thread

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Offerings: Grand Gesture 2015 by Jess Dare

Offerings: Grand Gesture  2015

Jess Dare

Brass, stainless steel cable

450 x 280 x 50mm

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Offerings: Meditation Malai 2015 by Jess Dare

Offerings: Meditation Malai  2015

Jess Dare

Flamework Glass


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Offerings: Happy Birthday Dear King 2015 by Jess Dare

Offerings: Happy Birthday Dear King  2015

Jess Dare

Sterling silver, copper, wax birthday candles, steel

390 x 260 x 130mm (With Candles)

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