About Gray Street Workshop

Established in 1985, Gray Street Workshop is a collectively run studio and access facility for artists working in the field of contemporary jewellery and object making. The uncompromising commitment of this group of artists to their work and to a studio-based practice has enabled Gray Street to evolve into one of Australia's most exciting and respected workshops.

The philosophy of the workshop partnership is to encourage a rich exchange between jewellers with a wide range of professional experience, from students and those just emerging in their careers through to mid-career and established contemporary practitioners.

Over the 30-year period, through the access bench facility, the workshop has provided a bridge between formal education, training and professional development to over 90 jewellers from around Australia and overseas. 







History of Gray Street Workshop


Gray Street Partnership History:

1985-present day
Current Partners: Catherine Truman, Sue Lorraine, Jess Dare

1985: Established by Catherine Truman, Sue Lorraine and Anne Brennan

1986: Leslie Matthews joins as an Access member and soon after is invited to become a partner

1987: Julie Blyfield joins as an Access member

1989: Julie Blyfield becomes a partner

1990: Anne Brennan leaves partnership to take up lecturing position at the Canberra School of Art at Australian National University

1999: Sue Lorraine takes up a position as creative director of Metal Design Studio, Jamfactory Contemporary Craft and Design (1999 – 2008)

2005: Sue Lorraine leaves Gray Street partnership

2010: Julie Blyfield and Leslie Matthews leave Gray Street partnership to establish solo studios.
- Catherine Truman continues as partner.
- Sue Lorraine returns to partnership.
- Jess Dare invited to join partnership.

Gray Street Workshop History: 1985-present day
1985-1988 Gray Street, Norwood, South Australia

1989-1991 Payneham Road, St Peters, South Australia (New Jewellery Gallery Gallery

1992-1994 Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre, Morphett Street, Adelaide, South Australia

1995- 2017 Sydney Place, Adelaide, South Australia

2010- 2017 Gray Street Gallery, Sydney Place, Adelaide

2017 - Thebarton, South Australia

Sue Lorraine, Jess Dare and Catherine Truman 

 Original Partners

Gray Street Workshop, Norwood, SA 1989

(Back Row)Sue Lorraine, Catherine Truman and

Anne Brennan

(Front Row) Julie Blyfield, Leslie Matthews 


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